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There's plenty of material here for you to read..articles, fiction,  humor, spiritual, etc.
I hope you find something that interests you.
If you have a publication of your own..zine, newsletter, etc. and would like to reprint any of these articles, feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.
Feedback is always welcome.
Happy Reading!

Resolve the Positive

Call of the Red Wolf

Writing Women

Fear Fades in the Light of Understanding

POD for the Sake of Trees

Appearance Says it All or Does It?

Living in the Past


The Enemy Within

Healing With Gemstones

Dealing with a Grandchild's Illness

Behind the Teen Mystery

Enter the Hot Zone

Still Searching for the Fountain of Youth

Molded into Adulthood

Killing in the Name of God

Are You Allergic to Your Pet?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Computing Woes of a Writer

Hereditary Illnesses

Learn to Say No Even When it Hurts

Education Around the World

Writing the Book is the Easy Part

Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body

The Mysterious Mind

Saunas and Steam Rooms

True Love and Tragedy

A Magical Journey

In Defense of Animals

Popeye in the Outhouse

Don't Get Burned

The Healing Gift

The Bridge Beyond

Sacred Animals

Family Traditions Around the Globe

Interview With Helen Polaski

Soul Searching

Childbirth and Birth Control Around the Globe

Spiritually Speaking

What's Your Frequency?

Grounding the Grudge

A Course in Forgiveness

Air Quality Around the Globe

Keeping Pregnant Teens in School

Review of X-Men United

Interview With Vanessa Mullins

UFO's, Religion and the Millenium

Person to Person

Angelic Companions

Marie Curie

Baby Pets versus Adult Pets

Review of Underworld

A Review of "The Good Luck Book"

A Look at the Urantia Book

Beneath the Triangle

Healing the Divorce Wound

Lice Infestations in Schools

The Mother Daughter Bond

Reading Round the Hearth

Thoughts on "The Passion"

Debating the Nine Lives Myth

Interview With Dorothy Thompson

Do Unto Others

Aging Gracefully or Fighting the Tide?

Sound Therapy

You Choose to be Who You Are

Trapped Within (Part One)

Trapped Within (Part Two)

The Right Way to Write

And There Were Giants

The Art of Poetic Writing

In the Beginning

Pregnant and Barefoot - No way!

Behind the Blue Door

Balancing the Well Balanced Meal

Don't Suffer in Silence

The Joys and Tribulations of Childbirth

To Tan or Not to Tan

A Book Review of Creative Visualization

The Peaceful Mind

The Lost Art of Respect

Sleep Apnea

Plight of the California Condor

Heat Related Illness

When in Doubt...Write

No Incentive for Today's Teens

Pet Project

The Art of Parenthood


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